Kitchen Tips

Italy is famous for its food as much as for its artistic and historical heritage. Actually food is one of the cornerstones of Italian culture and even if times are changing and life becomes more frantic, Italians still find time and take great pleasure in sitting at a table, either at home or a restaurant and sharing a good meal together.
Italians are lucky, they grow up with food and cooking, from birth they are exposed to good food and cooking, cooking that they will try to emulate the rest of their lives, the cooking of their mamma. I'm not Italian, the knowledge, hints and tricks of Italian food I have picked up from working with Italians or reading cook books. Italians talk so passionately about food and cooking, in Italy everyone is a cook.
Below are some posts I have written on how to how to make your Italian food taste more Italian, with tips about buying raw ingredients, cooking certain ingredients or simply how to prepare certain ingredients.



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  1. So cool to see actual italian food. Not the food we see all the time like American pizza, and pasta. But the actual food that Italians are growing up with, and that actually is eaten in the country.