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Italian Wine Terms A-Z


Abboccato - slightly sweet
Acerbo - tart, tangy
Acescenza - volatile wine
Alcool - alcohol
Amabile - off dry (semi-sweet)
Amaro - bitter
Annata - vintage year
Appassimento - the practice of drying grapes before pressing, to concentrate sugar.
Asciutto - bone dry
Azienda -  a vineyard or estate that grows its grapes to be bottled under its own label

Bianco - white (wine)
Botte - wine Cask or Large Barrel. 
Botticella - small wine cask
Bottiglia - bottle


Cantina - cellar, winery
Cantina Sociale - co-operative winery
Caraffa di Decantazione - decanter
Casa Vinicola - wine house or merchant ("commerciante)" who bottle wines made by others.
Cascina - - farmhouse, wine estate
Classico - the historic name for a DOC regulated zone (such as Chianti Classico)
Consorzio - consortium of producers that sets standards and promotes wines of a certain appellation.


DOC - "Denominazione di Origine Controllata" (controlled place of origin).
DOCG - "Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita" (controlled and guaranteed place name).
Dolce - sweet


Enoteca - Wine shop or Bar
Enologo - enologist (winemaker)
Enotecnico - winemaking technician
Ettaro - - hectare 
Ettolitro - hectolitre 
Etichetta - wine label


Fattoria - farm or estate.
Fiasco - the classic Chianti bottles from the 70's, covered in straw.
Frizzante/ Frizzantino - slightly sparkling. Not fully sparkling or "spumante".
Frutti di bosco - "forest fruits", referring to wine flavors such as blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

Grappa - Italian digestive made from the pomace of grapes. Can be aromatic and flavoured
Governo - Tuscan method of drying late harvested grapes to add to the fermented wine to enrich body, color and flavour.

IGT - "Indicazione Geografica Tipica" (typical place name).
Imbottigliato - bottled ("all'origine" implies estate bottled)
Invecchiato - aged


Liquoroso - fortified wine


Madre - the residue from earlier vintages, left in barrels to impart flavour into new wine (such as "Vin Santo")
Marchio - brand name
Metodo Classico - champagne method, taditional method of making sparkling wine.
Millesime -  sometimes used to indicate the year of vintage.
Muffa Nobile - noble rot (Botrytis cinerea)

Nero - black


Passito / Passita - partially dried grapes and also the sweet unctuous wines are made from.
Podere - small farm or estate- in Tuscany.
Produttore - producer


Recioto - wine made from partly dried grapes in the passito style. 
Rosato - - rose wine
Rosso - red wine

Secco - dry
Semisecco - off dry, medium sweet
Solaio - refers to the loft where the grapes drying to make Passito wines are kept. 
Spumante - literally "foaming", meaning a sparkling wine
Superiore - classification term that denotes a DOC or DOCG wine that meets standards above the norm.


Tenuta - Farm or wine estate
Terroir - French term that defines the harmonic relationship between vineyard site, soil, climate and grape variety


Uva - grape

Vecchio - "old", used to describe some DOC wines.
Vinacce - grape skins, seeds and pulp left after the must or fermented wine has been pressed. 
Vigna/ Vigneto - vineyard
Vignaiolo/ Viticoltore - grape grower 
Vino Novello - "new" wine, meaning young wine- to be drunk within a year of bottling.
Vin Santo - "holy wine"
Vite - vine
Vitigno - vine or grape variety
Vivace - "lively", a slight sparkle in some wines

Zuccheri Residui - residual sugar

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