Thursday, 22 August 2013

Homemade Puglian Strascinati Pasta

1 Quantity Homemade Pasta Dough

1 small wooden (or metal) piece of 3mm dowel
A ridged Gnocchi board

Divide your pasta dough into four or five pieces and roll each piece into a long thing sausage about same width as a piece of penne pasta. Then cut each sausage into small pieces about 1 inch long.
Dust your gnocchi board with a little flour and rub your dowel with a little olive oil. Take one of the small pieces of pasta and place it on your gnocchi board. Lightly push the dowel into the middle of the pasta piece so it curls a little either side of the dowel, then roll it gently away from you and it will begin to wrap around your dowel.
Once the pasta is wrapped round the dowel twist your dowl so and repeat the process on the other side of your gnocchi board which will make a criss-cross pattern on the pasta.

Carefully slide the pasta off the dowel and leave to dry-out slightly.

Repeat steps with rest of the pasta till you have as much strascinati as you need.

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